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Welcome to Cascade Wellness 

Cascade Wellness offers functional medicine, acupuncture, and herbal medicine for a fully integrated approach to help you find your optimal state of health.


Regenerative Injections

Sarah is now offering prolo therapy, a form of regenerative injections that uses dextrose and anesthetic to help heal tendon ligament and joint issues in the elbow knee and ankle.

Functional Medicine

Sarah is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Functional Medicine focuses on treating the source of the 


For approximately 5000 years, the Chinese have been effectively treating many conditions and diseases by using a system of small ditches or neurovascular nodes spread across the body known as acupuncture points (Kendal 2002).

Herbal Medicine

Plants are deeply powerful and profoundly helpful.  Herbal medicine is complex and a detailed diagnosis and well crafted treatment by a well trained herbalist can make the difference between dangerous and profoundly effective. 



We have a new system starting in April of 2022 called OptiMantra. It is so easy for you to get in!  It will know you just use the sign up button start with the link below!


Email or call us to set up your initial visit, if you give us your name, phone number and DOB we can get you an account and you can schedule yourself.