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Toxicity / Heavy Metal Exposure 

We have all been exposed but the extent and reactions can be quite varied. Sarah uses blood, provoked urine or hair analysis to assess and monitor heavy metal and other toxic exposure and detox.  We use a multi systems approach to safely and carefully extract or chelate the metals.  

It is imperative that detox is done with proper balance and control to not effectively move toxins from deep inside your cells and bones where they are being stored and mobilize them without proper excretion moving them from say your belly to your brain.   It takes careful planning testing and monitoring to prevent worse damage from occurring as we mobilize toxins for excretion.

We accomplish this with:

  • Metabolic pathway support of cofactors and nutrients that support methylation, and excretion pathways 
  • High quality effective nutrients free of contamination so we are not adding to the load
  • Oral chelation 
  • IV or IM nutritional and detox support as needed (often not needed) 
  • Effective consistent glutathione administration 
  • Treating the gut first to assure smooth excretion of toxins
  • Clean up support with properly timed binders 

If you have mercury fillings, an old home, a job or hobby that exposes you to toxins and metals come see us to help your body get rid of what is holding it back.  Metals can affect the nervous system causing pain, neuropathy, cognitive issues, mood disruption and more.  They affect every organ system as well including increasing the risk for a cardiovascular event like stroke and heart attack and can damage kidneys liver gut walls and more.