Online Ordering

We just made it so you can see our shelves and order your self with your discount!

This is the best way to order what we have in stock online.  You can find out if it is in stock, and pay for it so we can put it aside for you (we will right away, we see it before we can sell it to anyone else).  If you call us or email us we can not give you a discount (it is not allowed in the system we wish it were but so far it isn’t).  Basically the only way to get your discount is to order it yourself here or come in in person (but if you order online your purchase will be waiting for you to pick it up).  If and when we are out of something or you want something you don’t see, just message us in the portal and we will get it for you.

The current patient discount code is: ACTP (if we don’t know you we won’t honor the order, this is for your safety and ours)

If you don’t see what you need or want there are other online ordering options as well.

These options include ordering from suppliers who offer much more than we can as well as bulk herb tea and spices through Mountain Rose Herbs (yes we get a decent commission so if we sent you, support us with your click!).  There are no extra discounts through this option and not everything is available (no Ortho Molecular or Xymogen on these sites, that is only through us directly so if we are out, email us!).

Check it out by clicking the links!