Stress Management

Stress affects us all, often more than we realize. It’s far reaching effects eat away at our reserves, draining our core energy leaving a wake of imbalance and poor health.

You can learn how to take control of your stress and find your flow. Our new stress management series includes information on how to manage your diet and lifestyle, as well as quick coherence techniques to help you manage your stress load so it does not affect your health and wellbeing.

We will discuss recipes, make personal plans, and implement stress management tools like the HeartMath® emWave2® and daily qi gong exercises (for any fitness level).

You will be sent home with an emWave2® and a practice plan if you sign up for the series.

  • $120 for 3 classes & 3 week emWave2® rental.  Next class TBA
  • $33 for one class
    Space is limited, preregistration required, more dates coming soon

Classes are once a week for 3 weeks. At the end you have an option to buy the emWave2® at a discount as part of your enrollment fee

(class is 50% off with purchase of emWave2®).

Durring your series you will also receive a 15% discount on supplements and a 20% discount on services (including future treatments) so you can get some assistance with your personal situation.

If you have previously purchased an emWave2® all classes are 50% off.