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Does acupuncture help stroke patients become more independent?
“Patients may be more likely to remain independent and in their own homes one year post stroke if they receive acupuncture.”
The effect of acupuncture on motor cortex excitability and plasticity.
“We demonstrate for the first time that acupuncture has a real and enduring effect on motor cortex functional changes, in terms of cortical excitability and output mapping using transcranial magnetic stimulation.”
Effects of acupuncture on hemorheology, blood lipid content and nail fold microcirculation in multiple infarct dementia patients.
“It is indicated that acupuncture can effectively regulate the affected hemodynamic state in MID”
Antispastic effect of electroacupuncture and moxibustion in stroke patients.
“This study suggests that EA can temporarily reduce spasticity due to stroke, and if applied repeatedly it can maintain reduced spasticity.”
The effect of electro-acupuncture on motor function recovery in patients with acute cerebral infarction: a randomly controlled trial.
“Early acupuncture treatment for acute stroke patients may improve motor functions, and consequently the activities of daily living.”
Clinical study on treatment of senile vascular dementia by acupuncture.
“Indicating that the acupuncture treatment was superior in immediate therapeutic effect on senile vascular dementia to drug treatment.”

Bells Paulsy

Efficacy of acupuncture and moxibustion in treating Bell’s palsy: a multicenter randomized controlled trial in China.
“According to evaluations based on the House-Brackmann scale and FDI scores, the effectiveness of treatment in the two treatment groups was better than in the control group and was most effective in patients receiving acu-moxi treatment alone (Z = -2.827, P = 0.005). CONCLUSION: The efficacy of acu-moxi treatment for Bell’s palsy is verified scientifically.”


“No changes were observed in the Madopa-only group. Acupuncture in combination with Madopa may improve cerebral glucose metabolism in Parkinson’s disease.”