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Fibromyalgia / Arthritis



Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment of fibromyalgia: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials.

“TCM therapies appear to be effective for treating FM. However, further large, rigorously designed trials are warranted because of insufficient methodological rigor in the included trials.”
Comparison of laser, dry needling, and placebo laser treatments in myofascial pain syndrome.
“We observed a significant decrease in pain at rest, at activity, and increase in pain threshold in the laser group compared to other groups. Improvement according to Nottingham Health Profile gave the superiority of the laser treatment. However, those differences among the groups were not observed at 6-month follow up.”


Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with electromagnetic millimeter waves applied to acupuncture points–a randomized double blind clinical study.
“Patients from group I (n=4) reported significant pain relief and reduced joint stiffness during and after the course of therapy. Patients from group II (n=4) revealed no improvement during the study. Patients from group III reported the changes of pain and joint stiffness only after real MW sessions. After further large-scale clinical investigations MWT may become a non-invasive adjunct in therapy of patients with RA.”
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