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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that we get from exposure to the sun. However, it\’s a bit trickier than simply standing out in the yard when it\’s sunny — there\’s such a thing as too much sun, and not enough sun. Here\’s more information about the importance of this necessary vitamin and how to incorporate getting enough in a healthy way into your life.

Why we need the sun:

You cannot make vitamin D between:

Nov to Feb at 35 degrees (Atlanta Georgia) or mid Oct  to mid March/early April (NY)

You never want to burn or over expose yourself to the sun even with sunscreen on.

Shade hats & protective clothing work best.

Be sure to get direct sun exposure durring the summer months between: 10am – 3pm arms and legs a couple of times a week at least to make natural vitamin D and similar vital nutrients.

Home testing is easy to obtain:

We can help you get your vitamin D tested for as little as 25-40$ or through your insurance if it is covered (often it is not).

Cofactors needed to absorb vitamin D:

Enviornmental Working Group\’s excellent Sunscreen Guide to find the few non-toxic options on the market.