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Food Guides and Weight Loss

\"\"Food Guides

The Ultra Simple Diet and its Guide by Dr Mark Hyman, MD guide you through a detoxifying diet. Be sure to read the precautions or check with your healthcare provider before detoxing.  I study at IFM with Mark Hyman, so this is a great book to support what I teach and offer in my detox diet as well.

Ultra Simple Broth Recipe

UltraMetabolism is the follow up to the Simple Diet or my detox diet there is also a cookbook.

Another cook book that goes wonderfully with this plan (durring and after the detox) is Alissa Segersten & Tom Malterre\’s Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook available online or at the office, they also have a great blog.

UltraCalm Dr. Mark Hyman\’s approach helps you address the mind and body at once to achieve a state he calls \”ultra calm.\”

Think Twice; How the Guts “second brain” Influences Mood and Wellbeing Scientific American

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