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Detox Resources

These detox resources can help you better understand the types of substances that can cause averse reactions in your body, and provide more information about where these substances are found.

The following links are from the Environmental Working Group and provide lists of products and their ingredients.

Sunlighten Saunas

A new type of sauna is specifically made to detox your body and offers proven medical benefits. Check out the Sunlighten M-Pulse series and let me know if you have any questions or would like more information!


Check for a qualified dentist for your amalgam removal.  Your dentist should be going very slowly with 1-2 mm increments, boco products and grandioso are BPA free composits. You can also check the Dental Wellness Institute
for more information.


Lead Safe America

Soil testing:


Eating cruciferous vegetables and other vegetables rich insulforaphane like garlic, onions, or those listed below can boost glutathione which is made of cystine lysine and glutamate. Supplements like NAC, ALA, B 12, Folate, B6, selenium and Milk Thistle along with your multi vitamin and fish oil can all help and are in the detox supplements we carry from Thorne and others.

Curcumin/turmeric, Blueberries, grapes, green tea and ginger all have special detoxifying qualities.

If you give animals sulforaphane, arsenic doesn’t accumulate in their cells.  It has been clearly shown to activate NRF2 a master regulator of the antioxidant response to prevent the oxidative stress that can result in cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, neurological diseases, and renal disease.  Multiple mechanisms have been discovered for sulforaphanes protective actions on DNA and thus cancer prevention.

Sulforaphane is in broccoli, particularly broccoli sprouts and seeds, also brussel sproutscabbagecauliflowerbok choykalecollardschinese broccolibroccoli raabkohlrabimustardturnipradisharugula, and watercress. A recent study on genetically mutated mice given extracted chemicals show some confusing effects on atherosclerosis that in my opinion are misleading at this point given the rest of the good science we have on the subject.

Other information

There are an average of 53 carcinogens in every person.

The law says its ok to have over 350 pesticides on the food that we eat. The average home has about 3-10 gallons of hazardous material.

Supplements that can help

Crucera sgs has as much suforaphane as 2 pounds of broccoli.

Meriva is more absorbable than curcumin alone
and offers many anti-inflammatory and healing qualities.
Pesticide protector can also help you eliminate pesticides from your body.

More Resources 

Dr Perlmutter with injectable Glutathione (a dramatic but short lived effect)

Dr Weil on EWG