Qi Gong-1


Sarah has trained in many forms of qi gong with instructors such as Lee HoldenMantak ChiaDarren Huckle and more. She teaches simple flowing forms perfect for the active mind to help relax and rejuvinate. Classes are appropriate for all physical abilities and will strengthen every frame from the strongest athlete to those with impaired ability.

Qi Gong is described as the art of effortless flow.  All are welcome and any body will enjoy these gentle flowing movements.

Work with with breath and movement to harmonize and rejuvenate your bodies and minds. Simple moving stretches will clear your body of tension before we start the flowing exercises to balance and rejuvenate our channels and organs.

Qi Gong workshops teach you the Five Element exercises, some gentle stretches with movement, and the meridian theory that goes with it. Qi Gong is like yoga with breath and movement or the pieces of Tai Chi. It literally means “energy work” and involves gentle movements with breath that calm and center you while bringing vitality to your life. We will learn some acupressure points along with the channel flow we are working on. A great balancing workshop to work on all aspects of health or find a meridian that needs special attention for a specific health concern.