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Preventative Medicine

The best way to not get sick is to start at the beginning.  We offer primary care and adjunctive preventative medicine.  Sarah is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with over 14 years of clinical experience in alternative medicine, traditional herbal medicine and functional medicine.  She is a traditionally trained Family Nurse Practitioner and she takes medicare, medicaid and most major insurances.  

We offer advanced testing for 

  • Cardiac disease prevention
    • particle number, vascular health and inflammation markers 
  • Mitochondrial function
    • extensive looks into what vitamins may be missing and what might be getting in the way of pathways through organic acid testing 
  • Telomere length
  • Genetic testing
    • We suggest you start with ancestry or 23andme (ancestry profile) and run them through strategene or we can help you find the specific test you need
  • Methylation management
  • Gut health and microbial balance
    • The gut is the root of most health issues.  Your gut can make your immune system go hay wire or imbalance your brain with less calming happy chemicals making for depression, anxiety and imbalance 
  • Brain balance 
    • We use urine and spit to check for neurotransmitter imbalances, pathway problems and cortisol patterns in relation to mood as well as treating the rest of the body to support the brain.  
    • Treatments include neurotransmitter production support with targeted amino acid therapy balanced with nutrient support. 
  • Hormonal management 
    • We use blood urine and saliva to watch patterns see pathways and check for imbalances that can be corrected with food, lifestyle, hormones and herbs.  
  • Allergies to food and environment 
  • Toxin and heavy metal detection 
  • Bone health 
  • Thyroid (Sarah is particularly thorough with production, conversion, blocking and immune management issues in relation to thyroid imbalance)

Knowing is half the battle and monitoring helps us know what is and is not working over time.  Sarah offers comprehensive nutrition plans, nutrient and herbal prescriptions as well as medication management. We use the highest quality supplements that have shown efficacy and can help you decide what to use that you may already have (bring your bag, we are used to it).