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Sarah became Lyme literate through training at the Institute for Functional Medicine where she attended the infectious disease summit, the immune summit and nutrition course in addition to her certification.  

She learned that Lyme and related co-infections occur due to terrain tolerance and susceptibility.  This includes a lifetime of environmental exposure immune regulation and long and short term history of gut health.  While working to eliminate the bacteria or other infections we address the root of immune regulation to increase the tolerance of the individual for long term solutions that affect all aspects of being.  Symptoms are addressed with an individualized integrative approach that can help you navigate the healing process with less discomfort.  There is never a one size fits all protocol and we look deeply at your personal story, path and current state to help you through the path of healing and recovery.  

We test through in network labs as well as Lyme specialty labs such as IGeneX 

We use a variety of therapies including: 

  • Botanical infection control
  • Intravenous and injectable nutrient support including IV Vitamin C, methylated B shots and more
  • Effective administration of glutathione as needed that is right for you
  • Acupuncture 
  • Individualized Herbal therapies based on thousands of years of biological observation and human trials
  • High quality supplements and nutrient therapies to powerfully address the root cause and correct pathways while supporting optimal function.

All therapies are optional based on your needs and resources.