Ideas for a Sustainable New Years Resolution


If you are still looking to refine your New Years resolutions, I wanted to offer you some ideas that might help.

My favorite idea is to eat a rainbow every day.  This simple and fun yet comprehensive idea is straight from The Institute for Functional Medicine.  I go over the diverse and important details of this plan in the nutrition series.  Yet, the idea is simple. You find one serving of all 7 colors each day.  For example red beets, orange pepper, yellow squash, green kale, blue berries,  purple carrots (yes those do exist).  Adding two more servings of fruit and veggies would be ideal but with 7-9 servings you can loose weight, detoxify and nourish and protect your self all in one.  You will likely see your energy improve, your pounds shed and your mind sharpen.

If you feel like you really need a kick start, and are considering a real detox, email me for a plan.  Most detoxes do more harm than good and supporting every phase is crucial, for example without protein, fat, phytonutrients from plants and fiber you will not be supporting the removal of toxins from your body, no matter what you are eating, or taking.  I would be happy to send you some information for free.  But please avoid the dangers of the one size fits all myth based on half truths and short term results.  If you are ready for a class, let me know and we will try to get one together that fit’s everyone’s schedule.

Other resolutions include increasing exercise, make a plan, figure out how you will fit it in and make sure you include adequate stretching in your plan.

Quitting smoking is THE single most important thing you can do to protect your life and health, statistically speaking.  It’s very very hard and acupuncture, herbs and exercise can help.  I am here to support you in your plan.

Stress reduction should be on most people’s list and can be as simple as breathing for 5 minutes every morning before you start your day.  A plan to remain present in your activities and practice that presence to the moment in the same way you would practice exercise.  If you practice the act of awareness can become more automatic and the practice becomes more and more natural.  I have tools, classes and all types of herbs, treatments and referral ideas to help you with your personal goals of stress reduction.  Stress maybe the most damaging thing in most of your lives, and it is something you can take control of.

Good luck!!  and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!