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The first recorded discovery of written medical text was on a Tortoise shell at the same time writin

The 5,200 year old Tyrolean Iceman found in the European Alps in 1991 delivered evidence of acupuncture points in practice. – “The tattoo locations on the back and the left leg of the Iceman are in close proximity or directly on the locations of classical acupuncture points for treatment of arthrosis of the lumbar spine;. Radiological studies found evidence of exactly that disease in the Iceman.”g itself was discovered, about 2500 years ago. About 2000 years ago The Huang Di Nei Jing or Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine was written. This thorough and well organized work of Oriental Medical theory and diagnosis included most of what we practice today. Because it was so complete we believe that this medicine was being practiced long before recorded history, most sources guess between four and five thousand years ago.