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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is our passion.


Sarah has a deep training and understanding of herbs built on years of experience with traditional and local wild crafted medicine.  Make an appointment for an herbal consult to find what formulas are best for you and your current condition.

Before recorded history, possibly as a side effect of an emperor’s quest for eternal life or from the practice of a line of shaman woman, herbal medicine was practiced in China to treat all ailments (Bensky1986/1993). Today in China, thousands of herbs are used alongside of western pharmaceuticals in hospitals and clinics to treat things as simple as a flu virus, and are even given by intravenous injection to treat conditions as severe as a stroke or a heart attack.

Herbal therapies can be a great addition to other Traditional East Asian Medicine therapies, or they can be effective on their own. Cascade Wellness offers safe whole herbs, as well as herbs in powdered, capsule or pill form. We have salves for all types of skin conditions and ointments for sore muscles, traumatic injuries and burns. Herbs are prolific and poorly regulated, so please consult an herbalist prior to use of any herbal medicine. These photos are not meant as a guide.

Always consult an Herbalist!

Herbs on this page could save your life in an emergency, or easily kill you if used incorrectly.

Herb’s are powerful medicine and should be treated that way.

\"\"Natural Standard is the largest database of peer reviewed research I could find. Cascade Wellness is a member and has access to the huge amount of information and studies contained there. The Mayo clinic has some of their information on their site here. For more information about herbs, we offer herbal consults by appointment. Studies show what is good for everyone and what is good for you may be quite different. Herbal medicine is an art. Please get assistance with your herbal choices. Herbs work, but also have side effects, and can cause interactions with your medicine!

We offer online ordering for all herbal products for our current clients.