Heart Math®

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The scientists at the Institute of Heart Math have been studying the heart-brain connection for almost 20 years. They have found a measurable relevant electrical synchronicity called coherence, which represents a connection between your heart, mind and nervous system. Just like when you play a chord on the guitar and the strings resonate together. These body energies are very real and easily measured (like in an EKG or EEG). The energy produced in your heart extends about 3 feet out from your body, about the length of your outstretched arm, and affects others around you (see below for the science on this important phenomenon). This state of coherence can be practiced and learned. Coherence brings a state of wellness to your body that permeates your overall health, as well as your interactions with the world because our coherence affects others around us. The benefits are immense and endless.


See the bottom of this page for the e-book; The Science of the Heart.

This state can be felt and taught in many ways. As a qi gong teacher I teach this quite directly and have felt the effects of my regular practice in my life and health for over 9 years. That did not change how impressed I was when I got a chance to try the emWave2®. Suddenly I was able to see what I felt inside on a computer screen!

This is so exciting because this means I can help those that don’t know that feeling or those that feel they can not achieve and use it in their daily lives. It also helped me understand scientifically how important what I was practicing was to my life, my patients and those around me!

I am beyond excited to share this technology with my clients so I have ordered a set of units to help you learn what coherence feels like. The emWave2® is a wonderful tool that you can use during one of my new series to lower stress, loose weight or balance hormones (coming soon). You will receive a unit to work with for a period of time until you feel ready to work with coherence strategies on your own, and if you decide that the emWave2® is something you would like to have around, you can purchase your unit to keep! I will be putting together group classes as soon as possible to facilitate learning how to use the emWave2® and how to integrate a state of coherence into your daily life. You may also simply purchase a unit here and I will send you all the materials you need to utilize your new tool! – Sarah Piestrup EAMP, RN