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Acute COVID There are things you can do to support your immune system

There is a lot of controversy and confusion surrounding COVID. Sarah is following closely and watching all the science as it emerges not just the research that fits a narrative. For thousands of years Classical Chinese Medicine has developed an intricate system to treat viral syndromes by assessing the disease and the person and treating each case with intricate and well orchestrated detail. This can have a dramatic impact in early stage viral illness and we have seen profound effects on COVID all the way through the pandemic on a high volume of cases. There is no reason to sit and do nothing when there are safe and effective options to help your immune system orchestrate it’s defenses more effectively. We are not treating COVID we are treating you. We use all the current science and most effective (not most expensive) tools available. With an integrative practice this includes all herbal medicine, nutrients and pharmaceutical medication and testing options.
We offer emergency kits and acute care to active patients with viral illness via telemedicine and will always refer if indicated.

Long COVID We specialize in integrative care of COVID long haul conditions 

COVID attacks the weakest points in our bodies and causes an inflammation cascade that can lead to a host of problems from deep fatigue to immune and cardiovascular issues. Sarah has been following the research closely around the world to find the best way to help. We have options and can help treat the root contributors in you because no protocol will help an individual the way an integrative personalized plan will. We approach with a systemic approach that meets your body where it is and includes monitoring to determine effectiveness.