Food as Medicine

Nutrition can be about getting a well balanced diet with all the vitamins and minerals we need for life, or it can be used as a treatment for a condition, used literally as medicine. Nutritional suggestions are always included with an East Asian Medicine treatment, or can be elaborated on for a treatment on their […]

The Carbohydrate Addiction

Carbs are not bad, in fact they are where we should be getting most of our nutrients.  The problem is, that for most people (and about 80% of the grocery store) this is the most nutrient depleted part of our diet.  Carbs are full of nutrients when they come in all colors of the rainbow […]


Eat a rainbow every day. Get the support and information you need to make lasting food changes that support your optimal wellness.  Nutrition Transformation 1, 2, 3 3 one to one and a half hour lectures (weekly) to help you fully restructure your eating habits.  This series is a wonderful follow up to the detox […]