For approximately 5000 years, the Chinese have been effectively treating many conditions and diseases by using a system of small ditches or neurovascular nodes spread across the body known as acupuncture points (Kendal 2002).  For more information visit the acupuncture page.

Facial Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your skin and release your wrinkles with acupuncture to find the health you have glowing inside.  Visit the facial rejuvenation page for more information.

Acupuncture in the News

These links provide more information about acupuncture and the continuing discoveries that validate this ancient medicine that has been used for thousands of years.   Acupuncture provides true pain relief  The New York Times Decoding an Ancient Therapy The Wall Street Journal Hold the Chemicals Bring on the Needles. More and more woman are using facial rejuvenation acupuncture […]