Genetics as a Path to Health

Your genes are not your destiny

If you have been fearful of the health data available from genetic testing or your family history becoming your destiny, it is important for you to understand epigenetics.  Genes are a map but your route is determined by your environment.  The reactions your genes have are immediate and constantly changing and evolving.

Your genes hold the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger.

Because you can change your route, your path of health or disease with your daily choices in diet exercise, environment, and emotional connections discovering your genetic map can help you navigate the road to health.

Sarah is trained in genetic interpretation through IFM as well as continued studies through Ben Lynch.  We suggest you start with a 23andMe report because it is the most cost effective way to get all the information we need.  You do not need an order, this is all on you, just send off for a kit then let us know when you are ready and we will discuss options about interpretation.  This is not at all similar to stagnant statistical interpretation that 23andMe now offers again.  That is a generalized static statistical analysis that shows what propensity there is regardless of personal choices and lifestyle.  Sarah will help you to guide your path and understand what you can do to choose the path of health within your own personal genetic potential.

Dr Jeff Bland explains in detail the flexibility of how our life proceeds in the genetic realm:

Sarah will look at MTHFR mutations but includes many other genetic factors into the evaluation so simply having 3 MTHFR genes tested will help but only give a tiny shadow of the big picture.  Sarah also will order specific testing to help determine how your metabolic processing is working to establish a baseline and determine follow up progress.  Many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) will be integrated to understand you as an individual.  This is a constantly emerging science that is not well established but that can offer extensive insight into your health.  Sarah is currently studying the Dirty Genes course by Ben Lynch and is excited for his new book and the opportunities for health this will bring.  We also distribute for Seeking Health, the supplements developed to assist in areas other companies have not provided yet.