Genetics as a Path to Health

Your genes are not your destiny If you have been fearful of the health data available from genetic testing or your family history becoming your destiny, it is important for you to understand epigenetics.  Genes are a map but your route is determined by your environment.  The reactions your genes have are immediate and constantly […]

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Sarah Piestrup is officially a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).  Sarah started her journey with IFM in October of 2010 with their AFMCP course.  She studied with IFM throughout her training as an Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), applying all she learned in practice while integrating it into her classes, papers and projects […]

Fire resources

These were sent to me by the DOH this morning and I don’t see any better way to share them with you but to upload them here. Protecting Health After a Wildfire Chemical clean up of fire retardant: 6-29-1520150818085115630 Livestock disposal manual Additionally here is some information on air quality and smoke in your area:

The Carbohydrate Addiction

Carbs are not bad, in fact they are where we should be getting most of our nutrients.  The problem is, that for most people (and about 80% of the grocery store) this is the most nutrient depleted part of our diet.  Carbs are full of nutrients when they come in all colors of the rainbow […]

Ideas for a Sustainable New Years Resolution

If you are still looking to refine your New Years resolutions, I wanted to offer you some ideas that might help. My favorite idea is to eat a rainbow every day.  This simple and fun yet comprehensive idea is straight from The Institute for Functional Medicine.  I go over the diverse and important details of […]

No Quick Fix

I know you don’t want to hear this, I realize that it’s more fun to think there is a quick fix, but I am here to tell you what you already know.  No mater how many times you choose to believe the ad, your body doesn’t work that way.  I’m not saying your body can’t […]